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ANNA NAGAR:    Oracle(10:00 AM)   |    AWS(11:00 AM)   |    Selenium (11:00 AM)   |    Angular JS (1:00 PM)   |    Advanced Java (2:00 PM)   |    DevOps(4:00 PM)   |    Data Science(4:00 PM)   | DECCAN :    Selenium (11:00 AM)   |    Java (11:30 AM)   |    Python (12:00 AM)   |    AWS (1:00 PM)   |    DevOps (2:00 PM)   |    PHP (3:00 PM)   |    Angular JS (4:30 PM)   

Selenium Training

Course Overview

Greens Technology, Rated As Best Selenium Training Institute in Anna nagar. We provide Selenium training in Anna nagar with real time projects and 100% Assured Job Placements.

Learn Selenium Testing course in Chennai with the most experienced trainers in the field. Awarded as the Best Selenium Training Center in Chennai - Located in Adyar, Anna nagar, OMR, Velachery and Tambaram.

Selenium is a popular automation testing tool which is widely used to test the web applications. The main purpose of Selenium tool is automating web browsers. Selenium is also defined as the set of various tools to automate different web applications. The different tools include Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid. Many of popular web browsers support Selenium by adding it in their browser by default.

Selenium Automation testing tool is used all over the world since it is effective and also open source. According to the latest survey Selenium automation testing tool is used by 70% of companies and also the growth of automation testing increased while comparing to the previous years. Selenium is also named in the Top Trending Software Technologies 2018.

Course Features

  • 30+ Assignments on Java and Selenium
  • 100 % Placement Assistance
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Missed Sessions Covered
  • Multiple Batches
  • Flexible Timings
  • Live Project Work/Assignments
  • Inclusion of Java Course

Course Syllabus

Selenium Training
  1. Overview of Java
    • OOP's Data Types and Variables
    • Operators, Control Structures
    • Strings, Arrays
  2. Objects and Classes
    • Object, Classes and Methods
    • Method Overloading
    • Constructors
  3. Inheritance
    • Types of Inheritance
    • Method Overriding

  4. Packages and Interfaces
    • Defining Packages
    • Extending Interfaces
  5. Exception Handling
    • Fundamentals of Exception Handling
    • Exception types
    • Try and Catch and finally
    • Multiple Catch
  6. Collections Framework
    • Collection Interfaces and Classes
    • List, Set, HashSet, Iterator, other Classes

Module II : Automation Testing Tool (SELENIUM)
  1. Introduction to Automation Testing
    • What is Automation Testing?
    • Which Test Cases to Automate?
    • Different Automation tools
    • Automation challenges & Mitigations
  2. Introduction to selenium
    • What is selenium?
    • History and various versions of selenium
    • Advantages of using Selenium over other tools
    • Selenium components
  3. Selenium-IDE
    • Introduction
    • IDE Features
    • Building Test Cases
    • Running Test Cases
    • Building and Running Test Suites
  4. Selenium Web Driver 3.0
    • Why Selenium Web Driver ?
    • What is a Driver?
    • Automation Setup for Selenium Web Driver
    • Configuration of Selenium Jar using Eclipse
  5. Identification of Locators
    • Tools to identify elements/objects
    • Setup for Firebug, Firepath
    • Different methods of finding element
      • By ID, By name, class
      • By Xpath, By Tag name
      • By Link text
      • By CSS
      • Using Effective X-path
  6. Selenium Commands
    • Various types of operation that can be performed on any elements and how to use them.
    • Browser Commands, Navigation Commands
    • Working with different browser
    • Handling Checkbox, RadioButton
    • Dropdown and Select Operations
    • capturing Screen shots
    • Handling Keyboard Event and Mouse Event
    • Multiple Window Handling
    • Alert & Pop Up Handling
  7. Handling WebTables
    • What is WebTables
    • Extracting values from WebTables
    • Static and Dynamic WebTables
  8. Wait Commands in Selenium
    • Implicit Wait
    • Explicit Waits,Expected Conditions
  1. Framework Designing
    • What is a Framework?
    • Different Types of Framework
    • How to Design a framework?
    • Data Driven Framework using Excel
      • Downloading and configuration of Apache POI
      • Executing Testcases from Excel
  2. TestNg Framework
    • Test NG & TestNG features
    • How to integrate TestNG with Eclipse
    • Test NG Annotations
    • TestNG Reporting
  3. Build Tools -Maven
    • How to create a maven project in Eclipse
    • Maven Build Cycles
    • How to compile and Run tests using Maven
  4. Reporting
    • Using Report NG for generating reports through TestNG
    • Log4j-What is Log4j, how to use it, integration of Log4j with Eclipse
  5. POM Framework
    • Advantages of POM
    • How to implement
    • Using Page Object and Page Factory
  6. Cucumber Framework
    • What is BDD
    • Cucumber implements BDD
    • Preparing Features File having test scenario
    • Writing a step definition
    • Writing Runner Class
    • Given, When, Then, And, But annotations and usage in features class
    • Passing parameters in Step Functions
    • Using regular expression in step implementation to parameterize
    • Parameterize complete scenario using features class
    • Datatable in Cucumber and its implementation
    • Running Cucumber through ANT Pretty, Tags and Glue
    • Junit Report Generation in Cucumber
    • Cucumber HTML Reports Log4j Usage
    • Using Assertions to report failure
    • Running simple feature/Step scenario
    • Introducing selenium layer - WebConnector
    • Building custom functions in WebConnector
    • Building a simple test case
    • Implementing logging using Log4J
    • Executing project from eclipse
    • Executing project from ANT
    • Generating Junit, Cucumber reports
    • Background and Pending Exception
    • Parameterizing/repeating test cases from feature classes
    • Implementing/deciding Tags
    • Running all/limited tests
  7. Continuous Build Integration tools- Jenkins
    • What is Jenkins and how to use it
    • How to integrate jenkins with Eclipse

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