Core Java

Course Overview

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Course Features

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Course Syllabus

Core Java
  1. Introduction to Java
    • History of Java
    • Features of Java
  2. Overview of Java
    • OOP’s Concept
    • Data types and Variables
    • Control Structures
    • Strings, Arrays
  3. Objects and Classes
    • Object, Classes and Methods
    • Method Overloading
    • Constructors
    • Object class
  4. Inheritance
    • Types of Inheritance
    • Method Overriding
    • Dynamic method dispatch
  5. Packages and Interfaces
    • Defining Packages
    • Extending Interfaces
  6. Exception Handling
    • Fundamentals of Exception Handling
    • Exception types
    • Try and Catch and finally
    • Throw , throws
    • Custom Exception
  7. Inner Class and Wrapper classes
    • Inner Classes
    • Static Nested Classes
    • Wrapper Classes
    • Anonymous Inner Classes
  8. String Handling
    • Creating Strings
    • String handling methods
    • String Buffer and String Builder
  9. Input and Output in Java
    • Byte streams & Character streams
    • File
    • Serialization
  10. Collections Framework
    • Collection Interfaces and Classes
    • Iterators
    • Comparators
  11. Multithreading
    • Basics of java thread
    • The Thread Scheduler
    • Naming a thread ,Daemon thread
    • Perform single /multiple task by multiple threads
    • Major Thread Concepts
    • Garbage Collection
  12. Reflection API
    • Overview of Reflection
    • Use of newIntance() method and determining the class Object
    • Accessing private method or member from outside the class
  13. Lambda Built-in Functional Interfaces
    • Use primitive versions of functional Interface
    • java.util.function package
    • Use binary versions of functional Interface
    • Use the UnaryOperator Interface

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