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Training in Anna Nagar is one of the best Automation Anywhere Training Institutes in Chennai Anna Nagar. We are focusing Placement based hands-on training for Automation Anywhere Course. Our Automation Anywhere course Trainers are taking the classes from basic level to Advanced Level. So, our Students can get the job easily in Automation Anywhere companies in Chennai and Bangalore once complete their Automation Anywhere Classes. Our Automation Anywhere Course content and syllabus are revised monthly once by our experienced trainers. Our Automation Anywhere training syllabus is designed for fulfilled to our student’s needs. So, you can get the up-to-date technical knowledge in Automation Anywhere field. Our 6+ years of experienced trainers are working hard to improve their student knowledge and helps to attend the interviews confidently.

Our Training center offering Automation Anywhere Training in various places around the Chennai. We are providing well infrastructure with fully equipped lab facilities to our students. We pay more attention to the needs of our students. Already we have trained more than 200+ Students in Chennai with placement. Automation Anywhere Training timing schedule on weekday classes, Weekend classes, Evening classes and Fast Track classes. Our Automation Anywhere Course fees is based on student’s requirement and value for money. After completing Automation Anywhere Classes, providing free resume building classes, Aptitude classes, Mockup Interview Sessions.

Our Automation Anywhere Course syllabus covering some important topics like Linux Fundamental, Boot and Package management, User Administration, Run Level, Service protocol, Introduction Cloud computing, Virtualization, Load Balancing, EBS, Storage on Cloud, cloud infront, Automation Anywhere real-time project and Automation Anywhere placement training in Chennai.

Automation Anywhere Training in Chennai syllabus:

Automation Anywhere Course Content

Module 1 RPA Introduction

  1. RPA Introduction
  • What is RPA?
  • How RPA Works?
  • Processes Suitable for RPA
  • RPA Market Size and Growth
  • RPA Development Skills
  1. RPA and AI
  • AI Technologies and RPA
  • Digital Workforce
  1. RPA Benefits and Use Cases
  • Benefits of RPA
  • Use Cases
  1. RPA Products
  • RPA Products
  • Leadership Positions
  • Product Selection Criteria
  1. Introduction to Automation Anywhere
  • Introduction
  • Infrastructure
  • Automation Anywhere Architecture
  1. Dashboard and Task Editor
  • Client registration with Control Room
  • Features of Task Editor
  • Different sections in AA Tool            

Module 2 Automation Anywhere Client & Bot


  1. Automation Anywhere Client Introduction
  1. Type of Bots
  • Task Bots
  • Meta Bots
  • IQ Bots
  1. Bot Creator
  • Introduction
    • Recorders a. Smart / Object Recorder
  1. Screen Recorder
  2. Web Recorder
  • Task Editor
  • Task Creation
  • Variables
  • Command Library
  1. Types of Automation
    • UI layer or Regular Automation a. Majorly tool Talks and suits web application
  • Surface automation a. Non-integrated windows/ERP/web applications

Module 3 Command Library

  1. Commands
  • Loop
  • Excel
  • Database
  • String Operation
  • XML
  • Terminal Emulator
  • PDF Integration
  • FTP
  • PGP: Security types i.e. Passphrase, Public key mechanism
  • Object Cloning
  • Error Handling
  • App Integration: The use of the command and when/where it fit and works
  • Active Directory
  • Citrix Automation
  • Clipboard
  • Email Automation
  • Files and Folders Handling Mechanism
  • IF condition
  • Image recognition
  • Insert Keystrokes
  • Insert Mouse Click, Move, Scroll             

Module 4 Command Library (contd.)

  • Internet Connection
  • Launch Website
  • Log to File
  • Manage Windows Controls
  • Message Box
  • OCR
  • Open Program/file
  • Reading Form Fields
  • Printers
  • Prompt Mechanism
  • Read from CSV / Text: Different and benefit of this Command from Excel command
  • Run Scripts
  • Calling Scripts and Capturing output
  • Screen Capture
  • Services
  • System command Features
  • Task Command
  • Run Task: Sub Task Calling and Mapping Variable
  • Variable Command
  • Wait and Delay
  • Web Actions/Recording
  • REST and SOAP web services
  • Window Actions

Module 5 Web Control Room

  1. Web Control Room
  • Introduction
  • Features Panel
  • Dashboard (Home, Bots, Devices, Audit, Workload, Insights)
  • Activity (View Tasks in Progress and Scheduled Tasks)
  • Bots (View Bots Uploaded and Credentials)
  • Devices (View Development and Runtime Clients and Device Pools)
  • Workload (Queues and SLA Calculator)
  • Audit Log (View Activities Logged which are associated with Web CR)
  • Administration (Configure Settings, Users, Roles, License and Migration)             

Module 6 Meta Bot, IQ Bot and Bot Insight

  1. Manage Windows Control Command
  2. Workflow Designer
  3. Report Designer
  4. Best Practices
  1. MetaBot
  • Introduction
  • MetaBot Designer
  1. IQ Bot
  1. Bot Insight
  • Introduction
  • Transactional Analytics
  • Operational Analytics

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